Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hello and welcome,

After one month in London a lot has happened. Moving on a two day journey from Berlin to this city, with some basic items inside some boxes and most of my stuff still in Berlin, gave me the chance to transfer myself slowly but steadily into a new chapter of my life.
Discovering Hackney, a borough in London with so many different layers, the Arsenal stadium and the devoted fans living around it or as far away as Uganda; the parks and markets with some 100 different languages spoken, mothers and some fathers talking to their children in mother (father) tongue, to each other in English and the children to each other in a mix, which can hardly be understood by anyone... orthodox jews living door to door with traditional moslems and christians, I do not know if there is some kind of contact between them or just a kind of tolerance without understanding, well I am anyway not religious...
Turkish shops and people in the streets give me a kind of familiarity, Berlin-Kreuzberg crosses my mind and I still tend to speak German to the Turkish guy behind the Döner take away.
Finsbury park is one of the nearby green spots where so many find their way to jog, play football or rugby or tennis, just sit and read a book or talk via laptop with someone somewhere far or even not so far away, children running after all the different animals and rampaging among the flowers which just show up, because the sunshine promises spring. There is this old railway track which was transformed into a path for cycling or walking, one part of a whole ring going around London, the so called "capital ring", 78 miles. There are still old woods in the city, a small echo from a different time...
more soon

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