Saturday, 11 April 2009

The death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests

Ian Tomlinson, a man who walked down a street on his way home and passed police officers on the day of the G20 summit in London died several minutes later.
The early infromation about hie death was: brave police officers tried to help this man while under attack from potesters hurling bottles and stones. The early post mortem report stated "heart attack", which means natural death.
Everything looked like it was just a unhappy incident of a man dying from a heart attack while walking home.
Some day later an amateur video, which is now circulated all over the world, showed a different version: Ian is walking home with his hands in his pockets and suddenly is attacked from the back by a police man with a masked face. He is thrown to the ground, he is sitting on the ground and shouting at the police, who do not response in a helpful way. Then it's told he walked some more metres and fell down dying on his heart attack.
You would think, yeah, well he had a weak heart and died because he was much in rage due to his violent attack from that officer.

But hear now: The pathologist who did the statement on him having had a heart attack was Dr Freddy Patel, someone who got already a reprimand from the General Medical Council due to a older severe misdiagnose. Not only that this pathologist is known to get it very wrong, he was alsonot the one who should have been assigned for this job. It should have been the Forensic Pathologist Service.
So in the end it was not even a heart attack which lead to the death of Ian? But the police attack and beating itself?

The days before the G20 summit the newspapers and media was full of reports about violent protests which will shut down the whole of London - big fear stories.
In the end people didn't turn up and those who came didn't inflict large scaleviolence and distruction at all, but who did injure and may be even kill people? -
The police!
Already 120 complaints about police violence an unprovoked attacks during the G20 protestshave been collected by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The lesson to be learned:

Document and document, do not trust the police, watch your back and always prepare yourself well before going to a demonstration, never go alone and never think you are just a passer by...

Take care


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