Sunday, 14 June 2009

No peace - the Netanyhau speech

Netanyahu spoke about peace, a peace that is clearly dictated by Israel. A Palestinian state with no sovereignty over its airspace, no army and that gives full recognition of a jewish state of Israel; no freezing of settlements ('the settlements are not an obstacle to peace'), no solution for the refugees except outside the borders of Israel. The well chosen words which frame the core and real content feel like a badly stitched coat. He doesn't really want to talk about peace or negotiations, he was voted in for conflict.
This speech is a clear no to Obamas plan and vision of the Middle East. And as if Israel already knows that it will be very difficult with a weakening political back up from the US, Lieberman today visited Russia and talked with Putin. The welcome was friendly, Russia would like to take a leading role as a broker of a peace process. So a peace summit in Moscow is planned.
Tomorrow Lieberman will meet with the EU leadership to discuss the relationships in the future. It will be interesting to see if economic and military trade relations will be more important for the EU than regional stability in the Middle East. Will there be a freeze of the upgrade? With a state that openly disregards human rights, criminalises comemmoration of the Nakba, would like all its citizens to swear loyalty to a jewish, zionist state, who is on the way to introduce more and more fascist laws...
Will there be anybody at all, who is still interested in holding Israel to account about what was done in Gaza, not so long time ago? Every fact finding mission has revealed horrendous acts and crimes performed by the Israeli army against the population in Gaza, the facts lie clear on the table for everyone to see, who wants to see them. There should be a way to bring those who were responsible for those crimes to court as well as those who profit from them, which in some way includes some states in the EU. Military research and development always needs places and people to try how it works. The increasing number of drones used in Gaza show a link to research and trade agreements with the EU and the US.

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